Customer FAQs

Who do you use for shipping? What are shipping times?

We use USPS for shipping. When you check out you can choose your shipping time, but shipping demands and weather may effect shipping times. Check here for more information.

Are there returns or exchanges available?

Absolutely! If, for whatever reason, you are not completely happy with your purchase just let us know. Check here for more information.

My order came damaged, what can we do?

If your Brew product arrives damaged we absolutely want to fix that! Send us a message and we can discuss replacements or returns as needed.
If your order was from another vendor, please reach out to them via their vendor page.

How long will it take to get my order?

Speaking for Brew, our products are mostly made to order we allot 1-3 weeks for production. Shipping times will depend on what option you choose at check out. Note the turn around times may vary for different vendors.

Can Brew make something custom for me?

For sure! If you are looking for a custom paint job on an existing item we sell just send us a message and we can talk about it. Same goes for if you want a whole custom design. We have 2d and 3d artists so we can absolutely help you make whatever you are looking for!

Can I request a vendor make something custom for me?

There is a field on vendor’s pages to send them a message. You can ask any questions about the vendors work, process, and commission options there.

I’m having trouble getting in contact with a vendor. Help?

If, for any reason, you are attempting to contact a vendor and are having trouble for any reason, let Brew know and we will do our best to assist. Do keep in mind this is a small business, and the other vendors are also small operations so it may take a bit for Brew or Vendors to respond.

I want to order products from more than one vendor, can I do this in one order?

For sure. Just like on platforms like Amazon, Etsy and other Market Place platforms you can put together one order from several vendors. Keep in mind some discounts may not apply to all vendors, and that vendors would ship your items separately as packing and shipping is handled by the vendors.

Can I make this order a gift?

Absolutely! Just be sure to verify the shipping address is set to the correct address. Brew is looking into the possibility of gift wrapping in these cases for an added fee but are not currently set up for this, maybe one day. Brew also includes fun little letters with out packages, if you want this letter to say something specific to go along with the gift please let us know in the note section while ordering.

Vendors may or may not offer these services, but you can ask vendors any questions from their store page.