Dungeons and Dysfunction Dice


Add dysfunction to your dungeon crawl with our Dungeons and Dysfunction Dice! Featuring a dragon on the D20 and celtic knot borders.


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Clickity clackity let’s roll for attackity in style.

Are you ready to add some dysfunction to your dungeon crawling? Look no further than our Dungeons and Dysfunction Dice! Featuring celtic knot borders around the numbers and a dragon for the 20 on the D20, these resin printed dice are both visually stunning and functional. The design is based on a prop from our original short film “Dungeons and Dysfunction“, giving you a unique way to connect with the story and characters.

These dice have been DM tested and approved, ensuring they are balanced for all your rolling needs. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, including our translucent, gemlike options. Each set includes a full set of dice, with the hand-painted D20 featuring the dragon design. So why settle for ordinary dice when you can roll in style with our Dungeons and Dysfunction Dice?

Additional information

Dice Color

Amber, Amethyst, Black, Emerald, Fluorite, Ruby, Sapphire

Number Color

Black, Copper, Gold, Silver, White


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