Set of 4 Red Mallee Burl Bread, Chef’s, Santoku and Pairing Knives


Matching set of 4 handmade Red Mallee Burl from the Australian Gold Fields with AUS10 Japanese Stainless Steel Blades that have integrated Bolsters, full tangs, and 3 Brass Pins. The set includes the Bread, Chef’s, Santoku and Pairing Knives.

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Bread Knife

Overall Length 15 inches

Blade Length 10 inches

Chef’s Knife

Overall Length 13 inches

Blade Length 8 inches

Santoku Knife

Overall Length 10 inches

Blade Length 4 1/2 inches

Pairing Knife

Overall Length 8 inches

Blade Length 3 1/2 inches

We procure our blade blanks from the best available quality suppliers of knife making supplies. With a full tang and mirror polished Blade forged from 3 layers of AUS10 Japanese Steel a Rockwell hardness of 59 to 61 is achieved for a lasting edge and extreme durability. With the Red Mallee Burl from the Australian Gold Fields you can be sure you will have an heirloom to be proud of that will last generations with proper care

Any knife is available to be custom ordered  with your choice of blade and exotic wood. We keep an extensive inventory of Blades and wood on hand to create custom orders on demand with the minimal fulfillment time possible.

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